Terminal News


ParkingAs parking space is at a premium, the policy for parking is:

  1. Tenants will allow parking of only ‘Company’ vehicles’ on site overnight. Furthermore Tenants agree to openly discourage any other vehicle parking (sub-contractors, visitors etc.) overnight.
  2. Tenant Rigid trucks will be parked in suitable spaces with due care to consider other tenants and the needs of longer vehicle sizes.


Electricity costsThe threat of increased ELECTRICAL CHARGES continues to ensure our ongoing interest in the subject. We have now completed the segregation of external work floodlights and provided individual switches at most shed units. This means that the lights should be ‘on’ less and are absolutely controllable by individual tenants. Night time external area lamps have been reduced to a minimum.  Some new meters have been installed to prove accuracy and enhance reading.

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First AidWORK PLACE SAFETY is the responsibility of all.  The controllers of the site accept overall responsibility of the Terminal and treat that as a top priority.  Similarly tenants are separately held responsible for the workplace safety of their own operations. Tenants are to make absolutely certain that all legal and social responsibilities are constantly monitored and amended as may be required to meet those requirements.

A FIRST AID Kit has been installed in the Foyer of the main building, for emergency use.

DEFIBRILLATOR is now located in the Caltex Convenience Shop.




Security CameraA high level of SITE SECURITY is  provided via 34 strategically located cameras around the site. Whenever movement is sensed on any camera, it enters a recording mode which is available for review for up to two weeks (depending on file size and activity levels).

Note: Whilst all due care is taken, the management is unable to guarantee the security of any property or person whilst within the terminal site.